Appellate Law

Texas Appellate Law Attorneys

Strong Pipkin’s appellate experience is both broad and diverse, with proven and well documented success in both Texas State and Federal Courts.

We are a litigation firm with offices in Houston and Beaumont, Texas, and we know that the early recognition and analysis of potential appellate issues is important to implementing a well-conceived trial strategy that preserves any trial error. Our trial-proven counsel realize that a good motion practice is often a predicate for any ultimate appeal.  We work to make sure our appellate attorneys have every advantage.

Strong Pipkin understands that not every court ruling goes our way. But we stand ready to fight any ruling that is contrary to the law and prejudices our client’s rights. We have aggressively and successfully handled:

  • mandamus of court rulings, and have the resources available to meet the accelerated time constraints required in mandamus actions;
  • interlocutory appeals and appeals involving special appearances, jurisdiction, and venue;
  • appeals upholding summary judgments and reversing adverse dispositive motion rulings; and
  • appeals to preserve our clients’ jury verdicts.

Our experienced counsel regularly advise clients on appellate issues implicated in their legal matters and provide realistic expectations for appeal. We work closely with the client to project and budget costs to make sure all appellate efforts are well conceived and cost effective.

Whether it be in any Texas appellate court, including the Texas Supreme Court, or any Texas Federal Court or the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, Strong Pipkin has the experience, talent, resources, and track record to handle your legal challenge.